Uniforms don’t get enough love

Kamina Griffin, Staff Writer

I believe that uniforms don’t get enough love, and that they are actually nice.

The reasons why I like uniforms are that they’re: easy to pick out, to wear, and to identify someone else you are familiar with. I say they are easy to pick out is because I am a girl that is in her junior year of high school.

For a girl, the outfits that you were are nine times out of ten the most important part of your day. Because I have uniforms though, I don’t have to worry about wearing something that others would view as “odd” or “out-of-style”. Uniforms are easy to wear because, if you get the right and appropriate size for your height, then it feels as if you are just wearing regular clothes. Even when I get home and I end up going to the store or anywhere else, while I have my uniform on, I see people all the time asking “You go to Saint Joseph?” These encounters always cause me to wonder how they know that and then I look down and see I’m still wearing a uniform!

To me, wearing a uniform gives order to a school. You represent that particular school, would you want to represent it in ripped jeans and a crop top saying “Yep, I go to Saint Joseph and this is what we wear all the time.”? I wouldn’t want to.

Another thing about uniforms, sure we wear the same thing, but it’s easy for me to spot out my group of friends and classmates. If we all got to wear whatever we wanted to, and there was a new kid on campus or someone shadowing, I would just think that they are another student that I just haven’t talked to much. I know this isn’t a big school we are in, but it still is easy to mistaken someone for someone else all the time.

I don’t always like the rules that come with uniforms, such as the jackets, but we are improving in that aspect. However, I think uniforms are a great idea and we should definitely continue them!