Cast of Junie B. Jones is NOT a Crook announced

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Cast of Junie B. Jones is NOT a Crook announced

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Auditions for the fall play, “Junie B. Jones is NOT Crook,” took place last Wednesday. This will be St. Joe’s first production with new theater teacher, Mr. Madison Upendo, as the director. The cast list was released at the end of the week. Check out the cast list down below:

Junie B. Jones: Hannah Dear, Carrington Fowler*

Grace: Natalia Igwebuike, Iliana Ramos*

Lucille: Georgia Conrad, Mary Grace Stewart*

Jim: Anderson Nixon

Ricardo: Andrew Bain

Handsome Warren: Heath Dodson

Mrs.: Kimberly Kaiser

Mother: Annalise Rome

Pink Fluffy Girl and Grouchy Typing Lady: Mary Kathryn David

Principal and Grandpa Frank Miller: Lake Dodson

Ensemble Class: Madalyn Weisenberger, Clay Blanchard, and Olivia Spell

*indicates understudy


Congratulations to the cast of Junie B. Jones is NOT a Crook!