St. Joe starts new after-school choir

Bianca McCarty, Co-editor

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For far too long, participation in the choir had been limited to students enrolled in choir as an elective. St. Joe is full of students with musical talent who are unable to take the choir class for one reason or another. In order to give those students a chance to participate, choir teacher Micheal Hrivnak has organized an after-school choir to supplement D period choir.

“Currently there are 30 students involved in HS Choir, and I hope that more 9th-12th grade students will join as the year progresses,” said Hrivnak.

After-school choir is in full swing, with three practices under their belt. As most St. Joe students are involved in many activities, choir practice is scheduled for six o’clock on Monday evenings.

The after-school choir plans to participate in MHSSA choral activities, such as, contests, festivals, and adjudicated events.

“I signed up for after-school choir because I love to sing and wanted to take choir at school but it did not fit in my schedule. This is an excellent opportunity to sing with a choir at events and competitions, which is something I am very excited to do,” said senior Annalise Rome.