St. Joe’s Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Hannah Carpenter


Derek Starling

Mrs. Hannah Carpenter is St. Joe’s Teacher of the Week.

Derek Starling, Staff Writer

Every week The Bear Facts selects a St. Joe teacher to be featured. This week the staff selected Mrs. Hannah Carpenter.

The Bear Facts: What is your ideal meal including dessert?

Mrs. Hannah Carpenter: My ideal meal after a long day at work would definitely need to be home cooked. I’m thinking mashed potatoes, asparagus, grilled chicken, and ice cream to finish it off!

The Bear Facts: What was your favorite subject growing up?

Carpenter: I always enjoyed reading, art, and science growing up.

The Bear Facts: Did you engage in any sports or extra-curricular activities growing up?

Carpenter: I enjoyed sports growing up and was on the volleyball, softball, and women’s powerlifting team during my time at St. Joe.

The Bear Facts: Where did you receive your degree?

Carpenter: I graduated from Mississippi State University with my Bachelor of Science in Education in May of 2018. Hail State!

The Bear Facts: What made you want to teach at St. Joe?

Carpenter: I actually graduated from St. Joe in 2014 and attended Catholic schools from K-12th grade. I loved the idea of coming back to St. Joe to get the opportunity to continue the legacy of Catholic education.

The Bear Facts: What was your first day of school like?

Carpenter: My first day of school was great. I am teaching 7th grade, so it was fun to get to meet all of the students that are new to St. Joe, help them navigate the new campus, and transition them in to middle school.

The Bear Facts: What is your favorite thing about teaching, and why?

Carpenter: My favorite thing about teaching is getting the opportunity to get to know my students and engaging them in activities with their classmates. I am also coaching volleyball, so it is awesome to get to work with the students in and out of the classroom.

The Bear Facts: What are your biggest pet peeves as a teacher?

Carpenter: My biggest teacher pet peeve is when students don’t listen to or read directions!

The Bear Facts: Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

Carpenter: In 5 to 10 years, I see myself still in the classroom and continuing to be growing as teacher and continuing to learn through all of my experiences.

Mrs. Hannah Carpenter teaches 7th grade math and is a St. Joe alumni.