Pie-a-Teacher Raffle to happen during upcoming pep rally

Leah Clark, Co-editor

The junior class officers have begun their fundraisers for prom with the Pie-a-Teacher Raffle.

Tickets cost $1 per ticket and could win a student the chance to “pie” a teacher. Winners from each grade will be announced on Monday, September 16 during the pep rally.

Pep rallies, like the one on Monday, are apart of the festivities happening throughout the homecoming week. This year’s theme is “Out of This World,” in honor the Area 51 Raid on September 20.

Starting on September 16, pep rallies will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Friday afternoons in the St. Joe Gym at 2:25 p.m. Each day will have a specific theme that students can dress up according to. Students can dress according to the theme “Space Movie Day.” Dressed as various characters from space movies, students will watch as a lucky few “pie” a teacher.

This event is one of the many fundraisers that the junior class officers have planned for the school year. “We want to start early with our fundraisers, so that we can make sure to plan a great prom,” says Trinity Johnson, vice-president of the junior class.

Tickets for the raffle are being sold by the junior class officers to high schoolers during lunch. Students in middle school will be able to buy a ticket from their religion teachers starting next week.