St. Joe Scoop: Thyme Turner, senior homecoming maid

“I’m really honored to be one of the four senior maids.”


Leah Clark, Co-editor

Recently, St. Joe students voted for which of their peers would represent them on this year’s homecoming court. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors each chose two maids, while the senior class chose four.

Out of the four senior maids, one will be chosen to be St. Joe’s 2019-2020 homecoming queen. The Bear Facts sat down with Thyme Turner, one of four senior maids, for a Q&A session.

The Bear Facts: What was your reaction when you heard about being on the homecoming court?

Thyme Turner: I was in disbelief when I first heard and thought that it was a joke, but I’m really honored to be one of the four senior maids.

The Bear Facts: Have you ever been on homecoming court before, if so which years?

Turner: I was on homecoming court last year, so in 2018, my junior year.

The Bear Facts: What are some activities that you participate in at St. Joe?

Turner: I am in the Bruin Band, Retreat Team, and a Eucharistic minster during Mass.

The Bear Facts: How long have you been at St. Joe?

Turner: I have been here for five years.

The Bear Facts: What do you like the most about homecoming?

Turner: I like the pep rallies and the excitement around the school.

The Bear Facts: What does it mean to be a St. Joe Bruin for you?

Turner: It means that I’m blessed enough to go to a school where I can practice my faith, and most of all, being a bruin means being a part of a family.

Submitted Photo
Thyme Turner

This has been the first of a series of special St. Joe Scoops by The Bear Facts. The next editions will  feature the other three senior maids.