St. Joe Scoop: Lily Burgess, senior homecoming maid

“Everyone here is like family.”


Leah Clark, Co-editor

Recently, The Bear Facts has interviewed the senior maids of the 2019-2020 homecoming court. St. Joe students will vote for the homecoming queen from the four senior maids. The winner will be announced Friday night, during halftime of the football game.

Our last senior maid is Lily Burgess. The Bear Facts was able to catch up with her and make this report.

The Bear Facts: What was your reaction to hearing the you had been selected to be on the homecoming court?

Lily Burgess: My reaction was that I was shocked and felt really blessed that my fellow classmates had voted for me. I felt honored.

The Bear Facts: What activities do you participate in at St. Joe?

Burgess: I’ve been doing cheer since the 7th grade, and this year, I’m a captain on varsity cheer. I’ve also played softball since 7th grade.

The Bear Facts: Have you been on the homecoming court in previous years, if so when?

Burgess: Yes, I have my 10th grade year.

The Bear Facts: How long have you attended St. Joe?

Burgess: I’ve attended St. Joe since 7th grade.

The Bear Facts: What is your favorite memory about St. Joe?

Burgess: My favorite memory about St. Joe is the friends that I’ve made, the welcoming environment, and cheering at the football games every Friday.

The Bear Facts: What does St. Joe mean to you?

Burgess: St. Joe means so much to me! I’m going to be extremely sad to leave. Everyone here is like family.

Submitted Photo
Lily Burgess

This has been the conclusion of a four-part series of special St. Joe Scoops by The Bear Facts. Click here to read about the previous senior maid.