Cross country continues to push through the season

Derek Starling, Staff Writer

The Bruins’ cross country team has had an eventful season season so far. It’s dedicated runners and amazing staff have led to an amazing start to the season.

Cross country, a sport that consists of prolonged stamina running various distances, is a sport that since the late 90’s, has been in competition at St. Joe. At St. Joe, Coach David Wissel, is preparing the runners for a fantastic season of endurance and strength.

As a cross country coach for 10 years, Wissel knows what to do to get a good runner into great shape. Wissel says that the biggest challenge to get the team to peak physical shape is “many miles of running, and conditioning consistently to try to lower your running time.” This is what separates the good runners and the great runners; hard work and dedication.

Wissel says the first thing he looks for in a runner is dedication and a strong desire to get better. One of his most memorable moments so far has been when a dedicated runner finished a race in only one shoe. He was so dedicated, he didn’t stop to put the lost shoe back on.

Cross country runner, William Fugate says that cross country is hard work but is very rewarding. He has been a cross country Bruin for two years; cross country has kept him in shape and helped him meet new friends. His daily routine for cross country is a one mile warmup, a three mile workout, and a two mile cool-down. He says his favorite race is the 5K run. Last season, he placed “one spot from making All State.” This is a goal that he surely plans to reach this season.

The team is very supportive of each other. They also work very hard to be the best that they could be. According to Michael Doherty, a senior, “We push each other to get better every week.” When asked about his favorite thing about the team, he says “the camaraderie between all of the runners.” This camaraderie is put on display when the team prays together for “everyone’s well-being and that everyone will do their best.”

Doherty says that one memorable thing about running at St. Joe was when he set “his personal best at the District Meet in his sophomore year.” When asked what he most admired about being on the team, He stated, “Throughout the years I’ve gotten to run with all three of my siblings. It’s been special to run on the same team with each of my siblings over the years, and through running I’ve been able to grow closer to each one of them.”

He says that before every meet, “we huddle together and pray as a team, which is not something you’d necessarily be able to do at other schools.” That’s what makes running for St. Joe so special. Although he doesn’t plan to continue on the collegiate level, he was obviously honored to be a St Joe Cross Country Bruin.