St. Joe Scoop: Lake Dodson, a young author on the rise

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Leah Clark, Co-editor

Most seniors have decided what they want to major in at college. Some have even decided what they want their careers to be. However, one St. Joe senior has already started his career as an author. The Bear Facts sat down with Lake Dodson about his writing and the future of this possible career.

The Bear Facts: How did you start writing, and how old were you?

Lake Dodson: I started creatively writing in the third grade, when I still lived in Georgia. I wrote the book The Ninja Fish. I published it under Xlibris Publishers, and you can see the book online if you look it up. I believe I was around 11 years old by the time it was published.

The Bear Facts: Have you written any books, movies, etc. And if so, what?

Dodson: I have self-published The Ninja Fish, but I am currently working on two books and a screenplay. The books are called A Long Walk to Nowhere and An Underwater Confession, both of which are alternate history stories about if World War 1 continued to 1939. The screenplay is called Wicasa. It’s about a group of violent environmentalists protecting the last remaining national park in North America at all costs.

The Bear Facts: Do you plan to enter a career of writing?

Dodson: I plan to learn Chinese in college to either be a translator, ambassador, or serve in a political office. I very much enjoy writing, but I would want it to be a side thing, so that I can get inspiration from different places.

The Bear Facts: What inspired you to write?

Dodson: I just had so many ideas that I couldn’t help not writing. There are so many bland, formulaic stories. Take for instance, the story of a young adult standing up to an authoritarian government after some pseudo-apocalypse. That’s the plot of Divergent, The Hunger Games, and so many more.

The Bear Facts: How has St. Joe helped you in your journey as a writer?

Dodson: My experience at the school have definitely given me inspiration for certain characters and plot events.

The Bear Facts: Are there any projects that you are working on now, if so what?

Dodson: I am working on coordinating making Wicasa an actual short film with my friends as the actors. I may or may not have a plan to send the finished film to any executives for business opportunities. Nothing is set in stone yet.