Public school vs. private school

Olivia Spell, Staff Writer

Public school and private school can vary in numerous ways. Many people haven’t had the opportunity to attend one or the other, so most  will prefer public schools over private schools solely because they haven’t experienced private school for themselves.

As someone who’s attended both, here are my thoughts and opinions about both.

During my public school days, it felt as if getting ready in the morning was a chore. Picking out an outfit took such a grueling amount of time that by the second semester I resorted to sweatpants and hoodies everyday. Now, in private school, getting dressed is so much easier because I don’t have to face the challenge of picking an outfit. The uniforms here are extremely convenient, and I don’t have to worry about how the outfit looks on me, or what other people will think about it.

Another difference in public and private school is the people and the atmosphere. The classes in public school were huge. There were 30-40+ people in each class, so of course, the teachers were always upset at everyone for talking so much and it created bad energy throughout the day. Now, the students seem more obedient because of the small classes and nicer teachers, which can drastically improve ones mood since they’re not surrounded by negative energy all day.

Lastly, the schoolwork. In public school, we had to use common core for math, which made everything difficult. We also had “State Testing”, which was supposedly important. Everything we learned in class led up to the state tests, so we didn’t actually learn valuable life skills. When I was in seventh grade, we didn’t write a single essay in my language class because it wasn’t a skill you had to know to take the State Test. Now, private school offers such a great education program that I’m actually getting a challenge instead of being fed pointless information and busywork.