Middle school football comes to an end


Bailey Miller

From left to right: Eighth graders Emile Picarella, John Clarke, and Parker Davis during the middle school football game against St. Andrews.

Derek Starling, Staff Writer

With fall coming in, the St. Joseph middle school football season has been successful under the coaching of Coach John Bond.

The team practices every day with Athletic Director Michael Howell which normally consists of lifting weights and practicing plays. Bond, who has coached football for 2 years, has transformed many young men into elite football players through his program.

Parker Davis, the starting fullback, says the most important factor of the team is the defense and the defensive line. Defensive Line impacts the team by giving the quarterback time to decide how to approach the play.

When the football season ends, Davis doesn’t stop working. In the off-season, he plays basketball and soccer. He also credits his performance to constant practicing during the offseason and conditioning. Davis notes that middle school football has prepared him to be a high school Bruin by his former knowledge of the plays the high school runs. “It makes going from JV to varsity not that big of a transition.”

Emile Picarella, the starting quarterback, states he normally warms up by initially throwing short passes and gradually throwing longer passes, then throwing routes with his brother to practice with a moving target. These passing drills have given him endurance and accuracy to dominate in the game. He also practices with the varsity team after school. He started at the early age of 5 years old playing flag football. But in the off-season , Picarella will join Davis on the basketball team.

The middle school football team has dominated in the Madison county area. However, football isn’t the only thing young students are occupied with. Davis tells us “Its just one of the cons of being a student athlete; not having enough time to do every assignment and project. But that’s just part of the challenge of playing school sports.”

Picarella also comments “The schoolwork is challenging, but nothing that I can’t handle.”