Tessa Violet’s “Bad Ideas (Act One)” explores the theme of infatuation


Tessa Violet’s “Bad Ideas (Act One)”

Bianca McCarty, Co-editor

Over the years Tessa Williams, better known as Tessa Violet, has left her mark on both YouTube and the music industry. Originally known as Meekakitty, Williams’ YouTube channel rose to fame in 2009. Since then, the focus of the channel has shifted from sketches and vlogs to Williams’ own music. Most recently, the Bad Ideas (Act One) EP.
Bad Ideas (Act One) explores the theme of infatuation in its many forms, and how the heart overpowers the brain. While each song stands on its own, they sound good together. There is just enough contrast between the four, but they still sound like Tessa Violet’s music.
“Crush” explores the wild obsession of crushes, on both the deep and shallow end. Lines such as, “I can’t focus on what needs to get done,” and “You make it difficult to not overthink, and when I’m with you I turn all shades of pink,” highlight the psychological aspects of crushes, from the inability to focus on anything but that special someone and the anxiety that causes. The chorus repeats the words “crush” and “touch,” a callback to the spiraling thoughts that come from over analyzing someone’s every move. The song is a perfect representation of how having a crush feels. On the surface, there is the giddy excitement of liking someone, but underneath, the fears and vulnerabilities that accompany it.
“Bad Ideas” highlights how pent up desire for someone can become reckless. Williams is aware of the insanity of her thinking, describing her thoughts as “bad ideas,” hence the name of the song. The feelings have yet to overcome her, and she almost wants to let them. The lines, “I just wanna kiss you, and even if I miss you, at least I’ll know what it’s like to have held your hand,” and “And if tomorrow makes me low, well it’d be worth it just to know,” suggest that Williams is not thinking about this relationship in the long term. She simply wants to experience this person in the moment.
“I Like (the idea of) You” examines the phenomenon of turning the person you like into a fantasy. Williams likes the image she’s painted in her head of this person, but isn’t sure she actually likes the real them. In the line, “I know I don’t need it, but wouldn’t it be neat,” describes how Williams is not in the right place for a relationship, but she desires this person anyway. They might not be right for Williams, yet she still pursues them. This track emphasizes the dangers of letting fantasies get in the way of one’s perception of reality and serves almost as a warning.
Bad Ideas (Act One) is a true testament to Tessa Violet’s musical talent and signature sound. She blends pop and alternative sounds with catchy lyrics and deeper meanings. Williams perfectly captures the experience of having a crush, something almost all of humanity can relate to.