Bruin Athlete of the Week: Angela Bethea


Clay Blanchard

This week’s Bruin Athlete of the Week is Angela Bethea.

Derek Starling, Staff Writer

Every week The Bear Facts chooses a Bruin athlete to be recognized. This week, the staff chose freshman Angela Bethea.

Angela Bethea, a ninth grader at St. Joe, is a Bruin runner. Bethea has ran for sport since she has attended the fifth grade. She notes “I’ve enjoyed running for as long as I can remember.” She runs cross country, track, and field. One of her goals for the following season is make the All-State Cross Country team as well as continue to set new personal records.

Ever since she could remember, Bethea has “wanted to be the best I can be, and I feel these two sports help me live up to my potential.” She wanted to run competitively because “When I was in the fifth grade, my mom found a Cross Country and Track and Field club. She convinced me that having a coach would help me do better, which now seems obvious!”

However, not everything is about sports to Bethea. When she is not on the track, Angela enjoys biking, reading, karate, playing the clarinet, spending time with her family, helping out at her local library, and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite subject in school is history because, “it’s a really cool opportunity to learn from our past mistakes. Also, real life is often more interesting than fiction.”