St. Joe Scoop: Christen Johnson, dancing among the stars


Leah Clark, Co-editor

Dancing is something that almost every person enjoys. However, for sophomore Christen Johnson, it has become a way of life.

For her, performing is an experience that once you have your first taste of, you cannot get rid of it. Johnson can be seen performing at church, school, or with a dance company whenever she gets the chance.

Johnson was able to sit down this week with The Bear Facts for a Q&A on her passion for dance.

The Bear Facts: How long have you been dancing for?

Christen Johnson: I have been dancing for about 12 years at different studios in the area.

The Bear Facts: Are you apart of a dance company? If so, which one?

Johnson: Yes, I am apart of the Ballet Magnificat.

The Bear Facts: What types of dance do you do?

Johnson: I haves done tap, ballet, and modern dance.

The Bear Facts: What is your favorite type of dance style?

Johnson: Ballet is my favorite type of dance style because it is the type of style that I’ve been doing the most.

The Bear Facts: What was your experience at your most recent dance recital?

Johnson: At my most recent dance recital, I was moved up to the advance team, so we were able to perform with the intermediate/ beginners class. The recital’s theme was Alice and Wonderland.

The Bear Facts: Do you plan on pursuing a career in dance?

Johnson: Yes, I plan on attending The Mississippi School of the Arts in the near future. Then, I would like to make a career out of it and major in performing arts.

The Bear Facts: What has been one of the most exciting experiences that you have had when it comes to dance?

Johnson: The best experience I have ever had was when I performed at the Salvation Army. I performed a solo that I had choreographed and got a standing ovation from the crowd.

The Bear Facts: Why do you like to dance?

Johnson: I like to dance because it is a way to express myself.