‘Junie B. Jones is NOT a Crook’ has successful opening night


Clay Blanchard

From left to right: Kim Kaiser, Hannah Dear, and Mary Kathryn David share the stage during the opening performance of St. Joe’s annual fall play.

Staff Reports

Last night, St. Joe’s theater students kicked off their three-night run of the fall play ‘Junie B. Jones is NOT a Crook’.

Students have been rehearsing the play since shortly after the 2019-2020 school year began. On Thursday night, students were able to display their hard work after weeks of rehearsing and learning their lines with the help of Mr. Madison Upendo, St. Joe’s theater teacher and director of the play.

“It took a lot time and effort to get to our performance last night,” Upendo said. “I can proudly say that I couldn’t have prayed for a bette opening night.”

The play is one of the two theater productions during the school year and is an adaptation of the popular children’s book series by Barbara Park. The series tells the story of young Junie B. Jones’ adventures in kindergarten.

In the stage adaptation, someone has stolen Junie B. Jones’ new furry mittens. Because someone took her new mittens, should she be allowed to keep something she finds that doesn’t belong to her?

Senior Hannah Dear starred as Junie B. Jones and found the opening performance to be a success.

“The first run of the show always has high energy because of all the anticipation,” said Dear. “This play was no exception, which was a blessing since it’s a show that requires a lot for energy.”

Those who were not able to attend last night’s performance can catch the production on Friday, November 15 and Saturday, 16. Both showings start at 7 p.m.

All performances will be held in St. Joe’s Fine Arts Building with admission being $10 each. Tickets can be bought at the door. St. Joe are admitted free to any performance. Also, students from other area Catholic schools are admitted free, if they wear their school shirt while attending the play.

Check out the photo gallery below to see pictures from opening night.