Advice for surviving exams


Bianca McCarty, Co-editor

In a little less than two weeks, exams will be upon us. Since exemptions are nearly impossible to come by, most St. Joe students are well acquainted with different methods of study. Still, we could all use some tips, no matter how many exams we’ve take, so here it is.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Even if your teacher is being stingy and refusing to tell you what is on the exam, do your best to study what you are certain will be there. Start putting together your quizlet now. At least you’ll be familiar with the material if you can’t master it.
Look over old tests. No teacher wants to make an entire exam from scratch, so it is likely that they will take questions from old tests and alter them for the exam.
Let your friends help you. Sometimes your friends can be more affective teachers than your teachers themselves. They know you well and have a better understanding of what will make sense to you. Chances are that you have at least one friend who is great at your worst subject, so don’t hesitate to enlist their help.
Take regular breaks. Studies show that regular breaks help long-term rentention of knowledge. It’s similar to training for a marathon.
Memorize. Memorize. Memorize. Frankly, a lot of these exams are simply memorization. Make a quizlet, copy your notes, do whatever you have to.
Take care of your basic needs. Hydrate, eat, and get enough sleep. If your body is exhausted and not well taken care of, chances are you won’t preform well on the exam. Body and mind are linked, so keep that link in mind.