Exams arrive on St. Joe campus

Leah Clark, Co-editor

On Tuesday, December 17, students will be taking their semester exams.

These exam grades will be shown on students report cards at the end of the second semester. Scores from exams will also be factored into students semester averages.

When class period’s exam happens varies according to grade level. For 8th graders, their exams began with A period on Monday. There will be no exams for any middle school student on Friday. However, high school students begin their exams on Tuesday, and school will end on Friday, December 20.

To see the exam schedule for every grade level, check out the pictures below.

All students are to head to the Study Hall of the exclaim that they are taking. It is mandatory attendance for Study Hall before the exam. Parents who whose students are not attending an exam should email [email protected] before 8:30 a.m.

Students that did not receive a detention throughout the entire first semester can wear free-appropriate dress on Tuesday and Wednesday. All students are allowed to wear free-appropriate dress on Thursday and Friday. Those who are not sure of the appropriate attire should refer to the handbook.

The last day of school for the first semester will be Friday, December 20.