Holy Rollers experiences shortage of players on girls’ team


Derek Starling, Staff writer

The Holy Rollers is in search of more girl bowlers, or they are at risk of forfeiting the remainder of the season.

“You will need at least six to seven players for it to count in the season,” Coach Robert Droel said. This poses a problem for the team as the Bruins only have five girls on the team, which does not qualify them as a team.

Contrary to popular belief, bowling is not a male-dominant sport. Participation from girl students has increased for bowling in recent years. However, the Holy Rollers saw a shortage of players this season.

Also, it happens to be one of the more difficult sports to participate in. Coach Droel credits this to “bowling alleys being few [in the metro-Jackson area].” Due to the facility shortage, practices are held on Mondays and Tuesdays off-campus, as practice is how players improve their scores.

Besides lack of practice facilities, many potential players already have other commitments. “Most of the kids are involved in multiple activities,” said Head Coach Dennis Dillon.

The girls’ team has forfeited multiple games since the season began in the late-autum. However, the Holy Rollers means something more to Coach Dillon than just wins. The team has allowed him to make connections “outside of the classroom”.

Players Mary Kathryn David and Lauren Abadie agree with him. For David, who is a junior, this is her first time on the team. Bowling has taught her life skills, such as keeping calm during time of stress. “[You have] to be calm and precise when you are up at the lane,” said David.

The wisdom from the coaches are what Abadie cherishes. Also, the freshmen enjoys how supportive the team is. “Even if you don’t do very good on your turn,” Abadie says, “there is always someone to give you tips on what you should do to get a better score on the next round.”

The Holy Rollers girls’ and boys’ teams headed to Vicksburg, Mississippi last week Thursday, January 9th, 2020 for a match. Their next game will be this week on Tuesday, January 14th. If their roster does not grow, the girls’ team will be forced to forfeit the matches following the game as well as the rest of the season.

The team is still open to any players that would like join. Students who are interested are encouraged to contact Coaches Robert Droel and Dennis Dillon.