New semester, new challenges


The Bear Facts editors

With the end of Christmas Break, comes the beginning of the dreaded second semester. Over is our greatly deserved rest and relaxation away from the stresses of school. Now we find ourselves back in the saddle, whether we like it or not.

It is always said that the third quarter is the most difficult, so we as students must step up to the plate and meet the challenge head on. For many upperclassmen, grades have become increasingly important in the search for the right college. It can be difficult to balance the many elements of our lives, yet we must learn to.

As we try to reaccustom ourselves to school, let’s not get swept up in the storms of homework, tests, and more. Remember to slow down sometimes. Don’t be ashamed to put yourself first every once and a while. School is important, but not more important then your health.

So good luck, and buckle up as we race to the finish line.