The Wrongful Conviction of Generation Z

Leah Clark, Co-editor

Today’s youth are held to unjustly high standards, while simultaneously being undermined in every way.

Granted as a member of Generation Z, I am biased. Yet, my claim still stands.

In all my 17 years of life, I have never been so confused on where I stand with older generations. On one hand, older generations love to ridicule how my generation approaches certain situations. We have become more aware of our history’s faults and are changing our ways of live accordingly. This change is simply respecting others along with their identities and choices.

This societal change should be celebrated, but instead, it is seen as Generation Z being “too sensitive” or “politically correct.” Our society’s awareness of its shortcomings and desire to fix it by including others should be encouraged, as it is taking responsibility for creating a better world for all people to inhabit.

While ridiculing us for taking initiative, older generations also frequently claim that Generation Z is not using its benefactions to its advantage. There is no debate that Generation Z has had access to the most technological and societal advances than any other generation has been capable of taking advantage of. Thanks to these advances the world has grown so much from where it once was when older generations were young.

Older generations take delight in making the claim that Generation Z is failing in their efforts to be assertive in our society’s growth. They feel that Generation Z places blame on them for the world’s problems instead of correcting them theirselves. However, this perspective is extremely flawed.

In regards to older generations seeing Generation Z as “lazy”, the fact that so many young people have stepped up to make their voices heard about causes that are important to them contradicts their claim. Personally, I find it valid to state that Generation Z is ambitious in their efforts and have had to mature far more than what was expected of them.

The sources for the world’s dangers can almost always be traced backed to faults that were made by older generations. To put it plainly, Generation Z has been burdened with correcting the wrongs of those who came before them, which is not fair. So, for older generations to say that the young people of today are “uninspired” is hypocritical.

Generation Z has had a lot to occur during our lifetime. We have seen so many of the world’s evils for us to not even really have reached adulthood. For that reason, it would be easy for us to just give up. However, we know that we are the future, and to have that future, we must take charge in the present.

Older generations can say that we are immature and ungrateful, but in all actuality, we are doing more than they ever had to at such a young age. Granted we have made mistakes, and as have they. In fact, the only reason that my generation seems worse in comparison to older generations is because during their time, their shortcomings were not as publicized through social media and the Internet.

Every generation has its positive and negative sides, so criticizing mine so harshly is unjust. It is especially not fair when older generations criticize us for being too cautious of their faults, yet falsely claim that we are mundane in mending them.

It is possible that I can be overreacting to how older generations treat my generation. However, when I see the good works of those in Generation Z being slandered, I cannot help but to stand up to this injustice with the simple truth: older generations, being the guilty party, are ridiculing us, the innocent, as we reap what they sowed.