St. Joe Scoop: Bryson Poindexter, the man behind the camera


Derek Starling, Staff Writer

A lot of work goes into a broadcast production. The work is even more strenuous when a production airs every week. While most work is seen on camera, some of the work happens behind the camera, as well. 

The Bear Facts recently sat down with Bryson Poindexter, one of the camera-men of St. Joseph’s award-winning television broadcast, Bruin News Now

The Bear Facts: When did you first get into journalism?

Bryson Poindexter: The first time I got into journalism was last semester. 

The Bear Facts: What made you want to join the journalism program in the first place? 

Poindexter: I just thought it would be a cool thing to do. 

The Bear Facts: How did you get into a hobby like journalism?

Poindexter: One of my teachers suggested that I try journalism. 

The Bear Facts: What do you do to help with the broadcast production Bruins News Now?

Poindexter: I work the camera for Bruin News Now

The Bear Facts: What is your favorite thing about journalism?

Poindexter: I like to help with the whole aspect of the broadcast. 

The Bear Facts: Are there any tips you would want to give someone that was just getting into journalism?

Poindexter: One tip I would give is to not just give up easily and stick with it. 

The Bear Facts: What does a normal day in journalism look like for you?

Poindexter: Working the camera and helping with the news. 

The Bear Facts: Why is journalism very important to you?

Poindexter: It is important because I get to do a lot of cool stuff in there.

The Bear Facts: Do you want to pursue journalism as a career?

Poindexter: Yes, I would like to do camera-work as a career.

The Bear Facts: Do you have other hobbies besides for journalism?

Poindexter: I also like to play soccer. 

The Bear Facts: Who inspires you in your life?

Poindexter: One of my inspirations for my life is all of my teachers. 

The Bear Facts: How has journalism impacted your life?

Poindexter: It has impacted my life a lot.

The Bear Facts: What is your favorite subject in school?

Poindexter: I like every subject. 

The Bear Facts: What is your main goal or accomplishment for 2020?

Poindexter: I want to accomplish the goal of getting all A’s.