Senior Anderson Nixon recognized for outstanding art


Anderson Nixon’s art piece, “Last Hope.“

Derek Starling, Staff writer

Art, whether it is studied in a class or simply a hobby, is something that everyone can enjoy and appreciate. There are even honors, medals and many other awards that one can be recognized for art pieces.

Anderson Nixon, a senior here at St. Joseph, is one of the select few, recently winning 2 silver and gold medals for Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for his creative masterpieces, “Last Hope” and “Disconnect.”

Nixon says that his inspiration for his digital art is simply music.

“Listening to music like Marina Diamandis and Grimes are great creative outlets for me,” said Nixon.

This outlet gives him the ability to fashion spectacular art. He also credits the award to his grandmother, one of his biggest supporters.

But he does not favor his award-winning pieces over the rest of his works. 

“It takes me a long time to create each and every one of them, so I am very proud of how they all turn out,” Nixon said. 

For Nixon, art is more than just a hobby. He wants it to be a career.

“I plan to major in graphic design at The University of Southern Mississippi and pursue a career in graphic design,” Nixon said. 

But his career started right here in Madison at St. Joseph Catholic School. “Every day in G period, I am given the opportunity to work on my digital art,” Nixon said.

The regular opportunity to create helps Nixon express himself freely through the world of digital art. St. Joe can be credited for much of his success as it has prepared him“ by building on my knowledge of art.”