Boys’ Basketball falls in the 2nd round of playoffs after successful season


Ava Kathryn Stephen

Bruin basketball players huddle up.

Derek Starling, Staff Writer

The St. Joe Boys Basketball Team had a successful season this year; they made it all the way to the 2nd round of the MHSSA Playoffs before falling to Coahoma County, 55-33. This team, led by Coach Michael Howell, ended their season on a 15-15 record, 5-4 in district play.

The team went through a lot of preparation for their playoffs run. Sully Moorehead, a sophomore basketball player, said he prepared by “going in early in the morning and putting up shots, free throws, and working on dribbling.” For Moorehead, this type of preparation gave him an competitive edge to perform successfully.

“Basketball has changed my life because it is the one thing I look forward to when I come to school. All the guys on the team are guys that you can talk to about anything and that would always have your back,” Moorehead said, “It’s like a second family that you can go to whenever you need. “

Allen Teague, a sophomore center, says that “Our team had bonded very well this season. We have gotten closer to each other as the year goes by.”

According to Moorehead and Teague, a huge role model for the team is Grayson Foley. “He’s a role model on and off the court,” said Teague. Moorehead adds, “He shows us the true meaning of basketball and everything that comes with it.”

Grayson Foley, a senior basketball player, says that basketball has not only kept him fit but also turned him into a young man. “It has shown me different ways to go about life. Not going to parties [but] working really hard in school.”

Foley spoke fondly about their team and how they bonded a lot throughout the season. “It’s the most bonding we have ever had as a St. Joe group. We have become more of a team this year than we have been in the past three years.”

Teague also gave credit to Coach Michael Howell. “Coach Howell is the best coach I have had and he shows me everyday how perseverance pays off and just how to play the game of basketball.”

Howell goes through a process to get the team in the best possible shape. He does this by watching films and critiquing players shots. The team also does a lot of early morning workouts. “These early morning workouts separate them from the average team,” said Howell.

This 2019-2020 St. Joe Varsity basketball team has been through a lot together. “[We] have experienced a lot of success on and off the court. Through our losses and victories, we learned to depend on each other and push through difficult times,” said Moorehead. “We have also realized that each win and loss, every practice and strenuous workout is preparing us for what lies ahead in life.”