The Struggles of Social Distancing


Derek Starling, Staff Writer

About 4 weeks ago, the state of Mississippi was told to “social distance,” due to the mounting threat of COVID-19.  Now, the entire country has found itself in quarantine as the situation gets more and more serious.

During this time of quarantine, St. Joe started remote learning, which is learning in the comfort and safety of our homes. This method of learning has its perks and pitfalls. Over the past few weeks, I have forgotten the concept of time and have learned many random facts not pertaining to school assignments. This also has allowed me to wake up later so that I have a fresh mind to start my schoolwork.

Another hard reality associated with COVID-19 was cancellation of all spring sports. We were in the middle of our tennis season, which I was very excited for as I would be on a new team. Then COVID-19 broke out and canceled not only tennis but baseball, softball, golf, archery, sailing, track and field seasons. It also canceled many professional sport seasons such as the NBA, NFL and MLB. COVID-19 has also caused the 2020 Olympic Games to be postponed, the only under time that this has happened is during the World Wars. All of these events being canceled is difficult to fathom because so many people depend on them for fun and stress relief.

On the brighter side, I have used this experience of remote learning to understand what college is like, so that I can start preparing and developing good study habits. Later in life, I will use the time management skills I am developing now. I have learned to CC myself on all assignments just in case something doesn’t submit right. It has also taught me not to wait until the last minute to finish assignments as well as to pay attention to deadlines.

The most important thing that quarantine has brought is a more flexible schedule. After completing my assignments, I have been able to just chill out and spend more time with my family. Cooking daily meals with my family has been fun. We’re also able to watch movies, take bike rides, and play basketball.

I have also been able to greatly appreciate the Easter holiday and its significance. Usually Easter time is busy with shopping for gifts, painting eggs and getting ready for a big meal at church. With churches participating in social distancing, we weren’t able to attend church service on Easter Sunday. Instead, we viewed church services at home via ZOOM. Without the chaos, it allows you to focus more on the real reason we observe Resurrection Sunday.