The 2019-2020 Who’s Who results are in


Leah Clark

Despite circumstances, St. Joe is still upholding one of its traditions— voting for “Who’s Who.”

Voting took place on April 22 by the senior class. However, the process was a little different from previous years, as all students and faculty are participating in remote learning. Seniors voted through an online application this year to vote for their peers.

The senior class also voted for “Mr. and Miss St. Joe” on the 22nd. Students in grades 9-11 will now have the opportunity to vote for them until 5 p.m. on April 24. Those results will be released on a later date.

Winners for both “Who’s Who” and “Mr. and Miss St. Joe” will be featured in the 2019-2020 issue of  The Shield—St. Joe’s yearbook.

Check out the list below for the results of the 2019-2020 Who’s Who.

School Spirited

Grayson Foley & Farrell Moorehead


Blake Miller & Linzsey Lyle


Most Talented

Lake Dodson & Mary Grace Stewart


Most Athletic 

Joe Pearson & Alexandra Ladner



Wyatt Davis & Hannah Dear


Most Intelligent

Michael Doherty & Aislinn Boggan