Student Council election results; Clark wins Student Body President


The Bear Facts Staff

Students in grades 8-11 voted for the 2020-2021 Student Council last week.

The election was held on Friday, May 1. Students filled out their ballots electronically due to the coronavirus pandemic. Prior to Election Day, candidates made 1 minute campaign videos that were posted onto a school-wide online forum.

Check out the list below for the election results.

Student Body Officers

Leah Clark, President

Trinity Johnson, Vice President

Clinecia White, Secretary 

Mary Hazel Bellan, Treasurer


Senior Class Officers

Chase Taylor, President

Clay Blanchard, Vice President 

Kamina Griffin, Secretary 

Iliana Ramos, Treasurer

Elizabeth Weisenberger, Representative 


Junior Class Officers

Zach Shelton, President 

Anna Crout, Secretary 

Grace Anne Weisenberger, Treasurer


Sophomore Class Officers

Gia Picarella, President 

Daniel Dear, Vice President 

Rachael Donaldson, Secretary 

Kenneth O’Quinn, Treasurer

Emma Furini, Representative 


Freshman Class Officers

Stella McCarty, President 

Annie Mac Steckler, Vice President 

Mary Margaret Martin, Secretary 

Paige Loyacono, Treasurer

Madalyn Weisenberger, Representative