St. Joe Scoop: Joe Pearson, 2020 Mr. St. Joe

“St. Joe has given me a family, a place to learn so much about academics, but also life.“


Bianca McCarty, Co-editor

Every year, when the school year nears its end, Mr. and Miss St. Joe are chosen.

These two seniors are voted by students in grades 9-11 because they best represent the school. This year, senior Joe Pearson was chosen to be the 2020 Mr. St. Joe.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, The Bear Facts was able to get in touch with Pearson and file this report.

The Bear Facts: How does it make you feel to have this high of an honor?

Joe Pearson: I am humbled and honored to receive this award. It means a great deal to me that my classmates chose me for this position.


The Bear Facts: How would your seventh grade self react to you receiving this honor?

Pearson: My seventh grade self would probably be extremely nervous to get such an accolade.


The Bear Facts: What advice would you give to incoming seventh graders? 

Pearson: I would tell any incoming seventh grader to value and appreciate your time and experiences at school. I feel like I and the rest of my class serve as a reminder to never take any time or experience for granted. I would also say devote yourself to excellence in your classes and whatever other extracurricular activity enjoy at school. Whether it is sports, the fine arts or a club, you will never regret the extra effort to do your absolute best. You have the power to do incredible things when you give it your all.

The Bear Facts: What clubs, organizations, and clubs are you involved in?

Pearson: I was on the football and baseball team. I shot on the clay team. I was a member of the retreat team and the Pro-Life Committee. I was also a member of The Bear Facts, Bruin News Now and the Bruin Sports Radio staffs.


The Bear Facts: What are some hobbies that you may have outside of school?

Pearson: Outside of school, I like to fish, hunt, hang out with my friends, play the piano and shoot pool.


The Bear Facts: What’s your favorite memory at St. Joe and why?

Pearson: My favorite memory from St. Joe is as a freshman on the football team, we were walking to the practice field, and we see Jason Price’s car parked right in the middle of the practice field. Coach Lott says, “Are you freaking kidding me? What the heck is this?” Turns out all the other seniors pulled a prank on Jason by moving his car. I will never forget that freshman season where we had such a great group of coaches and players.


The Bear Facts: What’s your favorite St. Joe event and why?

Pearson: My favorite event from St. Joe was our postseason run in the 2018 baseball season where we won the 2A State Championship. It was an incredible journey of lows and highs with an incredible group of guys. I was just so overjoyed to have accomplished something after such hard work, and I am so glad to say I was a part of that great team.


The Bear Facts: Who is your favorite faculty member at St. Joe and why?

Pearson: It is very hard to say I have one favorite faculty member. Dr. Kinsey is definitely towards the top. It’s incredible how she is so approachable and personable with the students but also retains such a level of respect (borderline fear). She will make you smile, and she will always help any student. She cares about us so deeply. Mr. Cassreino is one of my favorites. He has helped me so much in writing and communication skills, but also I just really enjoyed having him as an English teacher. He has been a great journalism advisor, and I’ve really enjoyed all the times working on the newspaper long after school, the MSPA trips and his unique sense of humor. Lastly, Coach Sigler has been a great mentor and friend. He has been there with me for football and baseball seasons, always supporting and pushing me. It has been a true privilege to have him as a coach.

The Bear Facts: What has your senior year meant to you?

Pearson: Senior year has been a real tough lesson to appreciate everything, take nothing for granted and work as hard as I can to be the best I can.


The Bear Facts: How has St. Joe impacted your life?

Pearson: St. Joe has given me a family, a place to learn so much about academics, but also life. But most importantly, it has given me an environment for developing my Catholic faith.


The Bear Facts: What do you hope to do beyond high school? 

Pearson: Beyond high school, I am planning to go to college. I’m not sure what exactly the path ahead entails, but St. Joe and St. Richard, my home parish, have taught me actively doing God’s will is the most important aspect. As difficult as it can be, that’s the only route to happiness and fulfillment.