St. Joe Scoop: Hannah Dear, 2020 Miss St. Joe

“What sets it apart is that St. Joe has really impacted my spirituality.”


Leah Clark, Co-editor

Every year, when the school year nears its end, Mr. and Miss St. Joe are chosen.

These two seniors are voted by students in grades 9-11 because they best represent the school. This year, senior Hannah Dear was chosen to be the 2020 Miss St. Joe.

Although the coronavirus pandemic is still prevalent, The Bear Facts was able to get in touch with Dear and file this report.

The Bear Facts: How does it make you feel to have this high of an honor?

Hannah Dear: As expected, it is a huge honor, and I’m so grateful to my classmates for voting for me. Also, [I’m grateful to them] for making St. Joe a place that I’m proud to represent.


The Bear Facts: How would your seventh grade self react to you receiving this honor?

Dear: My seventh grade self would be shocked because the first two weeks I was at St. Joe I just cried. It was such a great transition coming from St. Richard Catholic School, so those first two weeks were miserable. But, I would’ve been shocked and grateful. At least, now I don’t cry when I think about St. Joe!


The Bear Facts: What clubs, organizations, or sports are you involved here at St. Joe?


  • School Stage Productions
  • Bruin Band (guitar section leader)
  • Varsity Volleyball (defensive specialist)
  • BruinTHON Committee (event coordinator)
  • Retreat Team
  • Latin Club (soothsayer)
  • Bruin News Now (script editor, anchor)
  • Chess Club
  • Student Council (Student Body President)
  • 2019 Homecoming Queen


The Bear Facts: What are some hobbies that you may have outside of school?

Dear: I love painting, reading, and playing music. I especially like playing with my family or my band, Daniel and the Dirt Devils. Also, I enjoy camping, being outside, and bike riding.


The Bear Facts: What has been your best memory at St. Joe, and why?

Dear: I have had a lot of great memories at St. Joe. Anytime I got a 100 on one of Mrs. [Patricia] Luscomb’s tests was great because I didn’t think that was ever possible. Sitting in the back corner of the library to avoid Mr. [Terry] Cassreino, anytime I spent with Farrell Moorehead, being crowned homecoming queen, and Mr. [Matt] Hosler giving out paper plate awards on my last day in Latin class were all also great memories. Another memory that I will always have is when the entire class went into the chapel [to pray] after Finn Blaylock had died. I just looked around and realized “this is why I love St. Joe.”


The Bear Facts: What is your favorite St. Joe event?

Dear: I love the spring musical. My favorite one that I’ve been in is Little Shop of Horrors. I’ve play big roles in other productions, but I was just a supporting character for that one—it’s still my favorite, though. Also, any event where Daniel and the Dirt Devils get to perform is great.


The Bear Facts: Who has been your favorite faculty member at St. Joe, and why?

Dear: Mrs. [Patricia] Luscomb is great, even though I don’t like math. Ms. [Linda] King, Mr. [Ryan] Starrett, Mrs. [Sue] Dickson, and Mr. [Matt] Hosler are some of my favorites, as well.


The Bear Facts: What has senior year meant to you?

Dear: Senior year has been not what I expected, but I think this is the year I’ve spent the most time with my classmates and become the most grateful for them. Just because it’s our last year, and I’m so grateful for them. Even with quarantine going on, we’ve all still made an effort to still reach out to each other.


The Bear Facts: How has St. Joe impacted your life?

Dear: What sets it apart is that St. Joe has really impacted my spirituality. When you come to St. Joe you’re at such crucial time in that point of your faith life, and so to have that foundation and to be surrounded by my classmates who share my values is wonderful. I love it.


The Bear Facts: What do you hope to do beyond high school?

Dear: I hope to find out what I want to do! I’m interested in occupational therapy, English, and teaching humanities—not math. I’m also interested in broadcast journalism and environmental science. It’s pretty widespread, but one day I want to become a National Parks ranger. I’m saving that for when I have enough money to buy a camping trailer!