St. Joe Scoop: Jack Clements, a community servant


Bianca McCarty, Co-editor

Previously, The Bear Facts reported that three St. Joe seniors were named by Portico Jackson Magazine to their annual list of “25 Students Who Will Change the World.”

Senior Jack Clements was one of these honorees. The Bear Facts had the chance to catch up with him this week to file this report on his contributions to his school and community.

The Bear Facts: What does this honor mean to you?

Jack Clements: It means lot. Also, it’s a good reminder of my greatest accomplishment.

The Bear Facts: Being that this feature is about students changing the world, what are some causes and issues that you are most passionate about?

Clements: Ninety percent of my volunteer hours come from a non-profit my grandmother started many years ago called New Day Mississippi. They help the underprivileged in Rankin and surrounding counties.

The Bear Facts: What would you change about the world?

Clements: I would work to prevent human trafficking.

The Bear Facts: How has St. Joe encouraged you to participate in and serve your community?

Clements: The most obvious is, of course, the required service hours. It really goes beyond that, because they’ve encouraged me to help others. St. Joe has opened the door for opportunities I wouldn’t have sought out.

The Bear Facts: What are some activities and programs that you participate in on and off campus?

Clements: I’m the swim team and sailing team. I’m a member of the pro-life club. I’ve done BruinTHON committee before, as well as journalism. I also work at the Jackson Yacht Club, and I volunteered at St. Francis of Assisi this summer. Every Tuesday and Thursday I would get to the church at 6:30 in the morning to livestream they’re masses.

Jack Clements

The Bear Facts: What are your plans for college, and the future in general?

Clements: I want to get a degree in political science and after college I want to go into the United States Navy.

The Bear Facts: Lastly, what would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

Clements: Up until third grade, I stuttered. I could not talk to people. My parents would make me call people on the phone and talk for five minutes, because I couldn’t have a conversation. My greatest accomplishment is moving from that to having my own radio show.

The Bear Facts will interview the last St. Joe student  out of three that were named in the “25 Students Who Will Change  World” list in the following weeks as part of the “St. Joe Scoop” feature.