St Joe Scoop: Erin Dorsey, a student who is ready to change the world


Leah Clark, Co-editor

Last week, The Bear Facts reported that three St. Joe seniors were named by Portico Jackson Magazine to their annual list of “25 Students Who Will Change the World.”

Senior Erin Dorsey was one of these honorees. The Bear Facts had the chance to catch up with her and file this report on her contributions to her school as well as her community.

The Bear Facts: What does this honor mean to you?

Erin Dorsey: This is such a privilege and honor. I’m so proud of myself, and I’m honored to be representing St. Joe.

The Bear Facts: Being that this feature is about students changing the world, what are some causes and issues that you are passionate about?

Dorsey: The causes and issues I’m most passionate about are children with special needs and disorders and the kids at Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. It is very important to me that they get the funding they need for their programs and research.

The Bear Facts: What would you change in the world?

Dorsey: Personally some things in this world I’d like to see changed are the legal system [regarding] social justice and a reform to the police system.

Senior Erin Dorsey

The Bear Facts: How has your community inspired you to make a change in the world?

Dorsey: My community has inspired me to change the world because through serving my community I saw how much change this world needs and how I have the opportunity to be apart of that change and make a contribution to our society.

The Bear Facts: What are some activities and programs that your participate in on and off campus?

Dorsey: Outside of the St. Joe campus, I participate at Hope Hollow Ministries where I serve children with special needs, and I also participate at Camp Kandu where I assist children living with severe diabetic conditions. On the St. Joe campus, I participate in Bruinthon where I raise money for Batson Children’s Hospital. I also am apart of the retreat team where I serve the younger students of our student body and help them find Christ at their retreats.

The Bear Facts: How has St. Joe encouraged you to participate in and serve your community?

Dorsey: St. Joe encouraged me to participate in my community through our required service hours, I found a place I enjoyed volunteering at and from there I became really involved with my community and just wanted to do more to help out those in need.

The Bear Facts: Lastly, what are your plans for the future?

Dorsey: I plan on attending Southern Miss and majoring in nursing.

The Bear Facts will interview the two other St. Joe students named in the “25 Students Who Will Change the World” list in the following weeks as part of the “St. Joe Scoop” feature.