St. Joe sports continue in face of COVID-19 pandemic


Rayne Worsham

Bruin football players after a scrimmage last week.

Jack Clements, Guest Contributor

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone this school year. Several new policies have been added to comply with CDC guidelines. All St. Joe activities have taken a hit, especially sports.

“I can’t speak for all teams, but I know that COVID-19 has hit swim pretty hard,” said senior swim captain Elizabeth Weisenberger. “We are having to wear masks at the pool, and our season has been cut down to only a handful of meets.”

While many sports have been forced to delay or shorten their seasons, Bruin Volleyball has continued with some semblance of normalcy. Volleyball is practicing and playing games as normal with only a few changes.

“We are still playing and as of now the only thing we have to do is wear masks on the bench. I hope it stays that way,” said senior Grace Goodloe.

The 2020 football season is another major concern for athletes and fans alike. Everyone is wondering what the protocol will be. As of today, this is the deal: The stadium will be open to 25% capacity and social distancing regulations are in place. Each student athlete involved in the games—including football players, cheerleaders, Spirit Steppers, and band members—will be given four wristbands by their coach. These wristbands will allow admittance to the game.

”This year, students are going to have to pay seven dollars to get into the games,” said assistant athletic director, Coach David Wissel.

Though unfortunate, this is necessary to pay the officials working the game.

The football players are also not allowed to shake hands before after or during the game per MHSSA rules and regulations. Concessions are still up in the air for home games, but regardless, games will go on.

For those who cannot make it to the game Bruin Broadcasting Network will livestream each game on the Bruin News Now channel on YouTube. The games will also be broadcast over the radio on WJXC Jackson, Mississippi Catholic Radio 107.9 fm.

Sports add a bit of normal to our confusing, disease ridden world. Many athletes on campus are so thankful for the opportunity to play their sport this season, and are hoping that too will not be taken away.