Dear Joe: adjusting to high school


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Dear Joe,

I’m really struggling adjusting to high school. All of my classes are harder than I thought they’d be and my teachers expect so much! Help.


High School Hardships


Dear High School Hardships,

Adjusting to high school is hard for everyone, so you’re not alone. I never studied in middle school, so it was really difficult to have to learn. But learning those study techniques early on will really help you in the long run. Figure out what helps you retain the information you learn in class and use that to study for your quizzes and tests.

Your teachers do expect a lot from you, but it’s important to keep in mind that the further you go in school, the more your teachers are going to expect from you. It will get you used to your workload later on.

And if you ever have questions, don’t be afraid to (politely) talk to your teachers!