St. Joe Scoop: Bianca McCarty, senior homecoming maid


Leah Clark, Co-editor

A few weeks ago, the results of the homecoming court election were announced. Maids were chosen by their fellow St. Joe students to represent them on the 2020 homecoming court. The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors each chose two maids, while the senior class chose four.

Out of the four senior maids, one will be chosen to be St. Joe’s 2020 homecoming queen. The Bear Facts sat down with Bianca McCarty, one of four senior maids, for a Q&A session.

The Bear Facts: What was your reaction when you heard about being on the homecoming court?

Bianca McCarty: I was super surprised. Most of the time, I still see myself as the dorky little middle schooler who started here six years ago, but I guess this honor is just a testament to how much I’ve really grown up.

The Bear Facts: Have you ever been on homecoming court before, if so which years?

McCarty: No, this is my first year on court.

The Bear Facts: What are some activities that you participate in at St. Joe?

McCarty: I am the co-editor of The Bear Facts, of course. I’m also a Spirit Stepper, on Retreat Team, and BruinTHON Committee.

The Bear Facts: How long have you been at St. Joe?

McCarty: I’ve attended St. Joe since seventh grade.

The Bear Facts: What do you like the most about homecoming?

McCarty: Obviously, everything is a little different this year, but I’ve always really enjoyed the homecoming football game. I love having fun with the current students, and it’s always so interesting to see the alumni who attend.

The Bear Facts: What does it mean to be a St. Joe Bruin to you?

McCarty: To me, being a Bruin is being a part of a fun, dysfunctional family. Like every school, we aren’t perfect, but St. Joe has something that I can’t help but love. I’ll always be proud to call myself a Bruin.


This has been the conclusion of a four-part series of special St. Joe Scoops by The Bear Facts.

Senior Maid, Bianca McCarty