St. Joe Fine Arts Departments announces ‘A Night of One Acts’ for the 2020 fall production


Leah Clark

Inside the Fine Arts Building on campus, all St. Joe theater productions are held in the auditorium.

Molly Moody, Staff writer

As always, the yearly St. Joe fall production is happening, but with many changes due to COVID-19 and CDC guidelines.

This year’s fall production will be “A Night of One Acts”, which is a collection of seven different plays all written by Lindsay Price. However, thanks to COVID-19, the play will be much different compared to past productions.

One big change is that actors will perform in a shared space with the audience. “This year we are experimenting with the style of theater called environmental theater and its where the audience has the opportunity to interact and engage with the theater space itself,” said director Mr. Madison Upendo. “The way we are doing it with St. Joe is allowing each room to be its own smaller stagethere will be seven plays, seven different rooms, and the audience will be able to have a very intimate interaction with the show.

For Upendo, the planning for the production has been most important as the 2020 spring musical ‘Sister Act’ was canceled due to COVID-19. The 2020 fall production is equipped for a quarantine that could happen and will be videoed so that audiences can enjoy the experience virtually from home.

On the other side, performers are excited to share their talents, especially the seniors, as it is sadly their last fall production at St. Joe. “This was a great last fall play that I had the pleasure auditioning for,” said senior Mary Kathryn David. “It was sad to see last year’s seniors not be able to have their last chance on stage, so I am taking every chance that I can.”

Despite this being the last year for some students, it is also the first year for some fresh new talent to the St. Joe stage. One newcomer is seventh-grader Sadie Grace Rogers who is excited about this experience but still feels some pressure due to the abnormality that COVID-19 has brought. “I wanted to try something new and am so glad that I decided to audition for this year’s production,” said Rogers.

The growing excitement from students about the fall production goes to show that the St. Joe Fine Arts Department’s efforts to still have events are appreciated. “Our Fine Arts department does such a great job showcases the talents of our students,” said St. Joe principal Dr. Kinsey. “Of course, we will comply with the State Health Department and CDC guidelines but are still looking forward to seeing our aspiring actors and actresses shine.”

“A Night of One Acts” will be held three evenings back-to-back with opening night on Thursday, November 5th. Two more performances will be held on Friday, November 6th and Saturday, November 7th. Performances start at 7 p.m. each night in the auditorium of the Fine Arts Building on St. Joe’s campus.