St. Joe Scoop: DeAsia Evans, senior homecoming maid


Molly Moody, Staff writer

Recently, the homecoming court election results were announced. The maids on the court were chosen by their peers to represent them on the 2020 homecoming court. There were two maids for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors classes. Four maids were chosen for the senior class.

One will be chosen to be St. Joe’s 2020 homecoming queen out of the four senior maids and The Bear Facts was able to catch up with DeAsia Evans, one of four senior maids, to file this report.

The Bear Facts: What was your reaction when you heard about being on the homecoming court?

DeAsia Evans: When I found out I was on the homecoming court, I was shocked. To be honest, I didn’t really expect to be on it, but in the end, I’m very excited that I get to represent my class and school as a senior maid.

The Bear Facts: Have you ever been on homecoming court before, if so which years?

Evans: No, I have never been on the homecoming court, this is my first year.

The Bear Facts: What are some activities that you participate in at St. Joe?

Evans: Some activities that I participate in at St. Joe are, being on the Bruinthon Committee and being a St. Joe cheerleader. I also play softball and am the manager of the girls’ basketball team. I am part of the Spanish Honor Society and Rho Kappa Honor Society.

The Bear Facts: How long have you been at St. Joe?

Evans: I have been at St. Joe since seventh-grade (6 years)!

The Bear Facts: What do you like the most about homecoming?

Evans: The thing I like most about homecoming is the pep rallies and getting to dress up.

The Bear Facts: What does being a Bruin mean to you?

Evans: Being a Bruin, to me, means that I get to represent my school through sports and academics while preparing to be a missionary of Christ by deepening my relationship with God and to be more of service to others!

This has been the second of a series of special “St. Joe Scoops” by The Bear Facts. The next editions will feature the last two senior maids.

DeAsia Evans