Bruins with Brushes: Portraits and Overlapping Shapes


Bianca McCarty

An artwork of overlapping shapes by freshman BJ Cooley.

Leah Clark, Co-editor

In this week’s “Bruins with Brushes”, The Bear Facts is spotlighting artwork from a senior and two freshmen in the St. Joe Fine Arts Department.

The first piece of artwork featured is “Sweet Cookie” by senior Mina Leffler. She was challenged to recreate a photo of someone close to her and chose her mother. Leffler depicts her mother during her college years.

“While I was drawing it, we talked about her time in high school and college,” said Leffler. “It was interesting to see how similar we really are.” The portrait  was created using graphite pencil.

Being spotlighted as well are two pieces of artwork dealing with the concept of Overlapping Shapes. Freshmen BJ Cooley and Daniel Maloney both used markers, crayons, and color pencils in their pieces.

“Bruins with Brushes” is a feature that showcases different artwork from St. Joe students that are involved in the Fine Arts Department.