BruinThon raises $2,213.86 with Paper Chain Contest


Bianca McCarty

The seventh-grade class came, who came in third place, hung their paper chain in Mrs. Terri Cooper’s theology classroom.

Kamina Griffin, Staff writer

BruinThon’s first fundraiser of the year, the Paper Chain Contest, raised a total of $2,213.86 after a month of fierce competition between classes.

BruinThon is a fundraising event that is held in the spring to raise money for Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. The event holds small fundraisers throughout the school year that are held by the BruinThon Committee. With 20 committee members this year, each person has a specific job whether it may be a scribe or hospital relations.

The 2020-2021 BruinThon director is senior Clay Blanchard. For her, Covid-19 has made planning the annual dance marathon a little difficult, but she is willingly to work the circumstances. “[This year] is going to challenge a lot, but I am happy that I still get to use my talents to help the kids [of Blair E. Baston],” said Blanchard.

To kick off their year of fundraising, BruinThon started its annual Paper Chain Contest. The month-long contest asked St. Joe students to pay $1 for four rings to be added to their grade’s chain and ran from Wednesday, September 23 to Friday, October 23.

The sophomore class won the contest by raising $755.35, while the eighth-grade class followed close behind by donating $746.81. The seventh-grade class came in third place.

“I, along with my classmates, felt that it was important to contribute to the fundraiser because there are kids at Baston’s [Children’s Hospital] that rely on these donations,” said sophomore Jeanne Beebe. “Also, our teachers really encouraged us to participate.”

The winning classes won the following prizes: the sophomore class will have a free appropriate dress day; the eighth-grade class will be able to wear a sweatshirt, t-shirt, and socks of their choice; and the seventh-grade class will have the opportunity to wear a t-shirt of their choice. These prizes will be on Wednesday, October 28.

In the wake of the Paper Chain Contest ending, BruinThon has started its next fundraiser: a Halloween bake sale. The bake sale starts on Monday, October 26 and will end Wednesday, October 29. The BruinThon Committee is working to have as many fundraisers as possible leading up to the main event on April 23, 2021.

“I’m so happy that we’re able to give all this money to the children,” said Blanchard.