Varsity volleyball wraps up its season in the first round of playoffs


Harper Evers

Senior Grace Goodloe spikes the ball during a home volleyball game.

Molly Moody, Staff writer

Despite a promising season, the Lady Bruins fell to Walnut a few weeks ago. Still, Coach Suzzane Antonaros and the rest of the team are very proud of the work they put in all year. Especially in light of the two-week quarantine the team had to face in the middle of their season.

The fact that the team faced a two-week quarantine is inspiring to the younger girls ready to become part of the team. Two weeks may not seem like a lot to some but, for this team, it felt like ages. “Quarantine made us a little slow at first, two weeks of no practice is tough, and you don’t realize it until you step on the court,” said senior Hannah Kelty.

From a coach’s standpoint, the quarantine put a stop to the team’s momentum, but it just proved how close the team truly is. “It was hard. We are absolutely a family, and it felt really good to be back together,” said Antonaros. Despite quarantining, the varsity team still made it to district and playoffs.

After a crushing defeat against the Walnut Wildcats, the varsity volleyball team fell in the first round of playoffs. However, they are extremely excited for the future girls responsible for this team in the years to come. “Out of the younger ones, I know Ava [Antonaros] will bring it. She did amazing this year and I expect nothing less from her in years to come.” Said Kelty.

There were five seniors on the team this year. Although they are devastated about their last season being cut short by quarantining, they still attribute many good memories to the team. “It’s been a big part of my life for the past 5 years. This wasn’t just a team to me. Bruin volleyball was my family,” said Kelty. Many of the Lady Bruins have been on the team since first attending St. Joe.

“I remember being in seventh-grade trying out, not knowing how to play at all. This being my last season of volleyball does not seem real,” said senior Cece White. “I am truly going to miss it.”

Next year, there will be 11 girls rising from the middle school team to either the junior varsity or varsity teams. For these newcomers, a sense of nervousness and excitement arises in working with Coach Antonaros as well as the experienced high school players. “I am so excited for my first high school volleyball season and can’t wait to work with the older girls to improve my skills,” said eighth-grader Bailee Alexander.