Bruins celebrate a Covid-19 friendly Halloween


Clay Blanchard

Kids from the St. Joe community participate in the 3rd annual Trunk-or-Treat.

The Bear Facts Staff

Last week, St. Joe kicked off its Halloween festivities with its third annual Trunk-or-Treat.

Trunk-or-Treat, an event sponsored by the student council, was held on Tuesday, October 27 in the St. Joe parking lot. This year, attendees did not have the chance to roam around campus collecting candy due to Covid-19. Instead, they were treated to a “drive-thru style” of trick-or-treating.

Sports, clubs, and organizations at St. Joe chose to decorate a trunk and pass out candy to kids that primarily attend St. Joe’s feeder schools: St. Richard, St. Anthony, and Sr. Thea Bowman.

“So many families that came through Trunk-or-Treat expressed that they were grateful that we were having it because this would be their child’s only chance to trick-or-treat this year,” said student body president Leah Clark. “The student council knew that it was important to still try and give back to the community.”

Later that week, St. Joe students were given the opportunity to come to school dressed in their Halloween costumes. The event, “Scary for Carrie”, is an annual fundraiser that raises money for St. Joe alumna Carrie Maniscalco, who suffers from numerous undiagnosed illnesses. Students paid $3 to their D period teachers.

Click the photo gallery below to view pictures from last week’s festivities.