St. Joe Scoop: Chris Watson, WAPT ‘Blitz 16 Player of the Week’


Leah Clark, Staff writer

Last Wednesday, junior Chris Watson was announced WAPT “Blitz 16 Player of the Week.” The Bruin wide receiver-turned-quarterback was first nominated for his outstanding performance during the game against the Riverside Bulldogs on Friday, October 30. During the Bruins’ last regular-season game, Watson led the team to victory with a total of 286 yards and 6 touchdowns.

As the Bruins fell in the first round of playoffs last Friday against the Eupora Eagles, The Bear Facts was able to catch up with Watson to file this report.

The Bear Facts: What does the honor of WAPT “Blitz 16 Player of the Week” mean to you?

Chris Watson: Being “Player of the Week” is just a pat on the back to me. Day in and day out, I’m looking for a way to win on Friday nights.

The Bear Facts: Has this honor been one that you have been hoping for?

Watson: It has been in the back of my head since the beginning of the season, but I never made it the main reason for doing anything.

The Bear Facts: How has the St. Joe community supported you during your time at St. Joe as well as in your nomination for this award?

Watson: St. Joe is really like a family to me. They are always there for me when I need them and vice versa.

The Bear Facts: What does being part of the Bruin football team mean to you?

Watson: Being a part of the football team means a lot to me. Everyone seems to know you around campus, and it is a really cool feeling.

The Bear Facts: Do you plan on continuing your football career at the collegiate and/or professional level?

Watson: I do not. Instead, I plan on playing baseball in college and professionally. However, if I am given the chance to play football and baseball in college, I would strongly consider it.

The Bear Facts: Who are some of your inspirations in life and in football?

Watson: My parents are a huge inspiration in life to me along with my brothers. On the field, I try to play like athletes on a higher level than me because they truly fo it best.

The Bear Facts: Where do you plan of keeping your award?

Watson: I plan on putting my award in my family’s trophy case next to my brother and I’s trophies and game balls.

The St. Joe Bruins, 2-8, finished their season in the first round of playoffs with a 0-47 loss against the Eupora Eagles.

Junior Chris Watson was announced WAPT ‘Blitz 16 Player of the Week’. (Harper Evers)