St. Joe Scoop: Jordan Muse, a small-business owner


Bianca McCarty, Co-editor

It is not unlikely to be a teenager and have a job. Having your own money is always great and saving for college is a good idea. However, not many of those teenagers own their own business. Senior Jordan Muse is one of the teenagers to already be a small-business owner.

While during the day Muse is a regular student trying to finish all her assignments and work, in her free time, she makes jewelry. This week, The Bear Facts caught up to her and filed this report.

The Bear Facts: Where did your interest in art begin?

Jordan Muse: I first became interested in art at an early age. I grew up around art because my dad, Henry Muse, is an artist who does abstract paintings and drawings.

The Bear Facts: What types of art do you enjoy the most?

Muse: I love doing abstract paintings doodling weird, trippy things in my notebooks. I also love doing paint portraits of people.

The Bear Facts: How did your love of art lead to making jewelry?

Muse: I get a lot of my inspiration from the app Pinterest, so when I came across handmade jewelry, it immediately caught my eye.

The Bear Facts: What is your process for making jewelry, and what materials do you use?

Muse: I get my material from Michael’s Craft Store. I use wire and beads, and think of something really cool in my head and try to attempt that by bending the wires into shapes.

The Bear Facts: How long do you plan on making jewelry as a business?

Muse: I had to stop making my jewelry because I started working at a restaurant, but I would love to continue making it in the summer and college.

The Bear Facts: Where can people contact you if they are interested in purchasing jewelry from you?

Muse: If you are interested in my jewelry and art, you can follow me on Instagram @jordanmuseart

St. Joe senior Jordan Muse specializes in making earrings and rings for great prices.