St. Joe Scoop: Joshua Briscoe, Mr. St. Joe 2021


Leah Clark, Co-editor

Every year, two seniors are chosen to represent the Bruins as Mr. and Miss St. Joe, one of St. Joe’s highest honors. This year, Joshua Briscoe was voted by students in grades 9th through 12th to be Mr. St. Joe.

The Bear Facts was fortunate enough to catch up with Briscoe and filed this report.

The Bear Facts: How does it make you feel to have this high of an honor?

Briscoe: I’m really honored to have this high honor. It means a lot that my fellow peers thought highly enough of me to vote me Mr. St Joe.

The Bear Facts: How would your seventh-grade self react to you receiving this honor?

Briscoe: My seventh-grade self would probably match the excitement of my current self.

The Bear Facts: What clubs, organizations, or sports are you involved in here at St. Joe?

St. Joe ScoopBriscoe: I’m involved in all of the honor societies other than the Social Studies and Latin honor society. Also, I’m on the retreat team, football team, clay shooting team, golf team, and Bruin News Now.

The Bear Facts: What are some hobbies that you may have outside of school?

Briscoe: Hunting, fishing, team roping.

The Bear Facts: What has been your best memory at St. Joe, and why?

Briscoe: My best memory at St. Joe was winning the State Championship in 2018 while on the baseball team.

The Bear Facts: What is your favorite St. Joe event?

Briscoe: My favorite events at St. Joe have been the dances. Also, the crawfish boils that the parent association hosts have been great.

The Bear Facts: Who has been your favorite faculty member at St. Joe, and why?

Briscoe: My favorite faculty member has been Mr. Dillon. He had the right amount of crazy, so we meshed.

The Bear Facts: What has senior year meant to you?

Briscoe: Senior year has meant a year of growing up for me. A lot of applying to colleges and different scholarships just showed me that it’s different in the real world, and I needed to up my game.

The Bear Facts: How has St. Joe impacted your life?

Briscoe: St. Joe has impacted my life by challenging me in the classroom and helping me build character so that I can represent myself and my family the best that I can.

The Bear Facts: What do you hope to do beyond high school?

Briscoe: Beyond high school, I will be attending Mississippi State University. I want to eventually become a bovine veterinarian.