Fine Arts Department holds annual Senior Art Show


Leah Clark

The annual Senior Art Show was held Thursday, April 30.

Leah Clark, Co-editor

St. Joe seniors celebrated the end of their Fine Arts journey at the annual Senior Art Show.

The event was held on Thursday, April 29 in the Fine Arts Building. It featured the seniors’ artwork throughout all their years at St. Joe. The pieces featured spanned across different types of art such as mosaics, collages, pencil sketches, pottery, and more.

Attendance to the event was limited to only those that received a ticket from one of the featured seniors. Some seniors were actually present to answer questions about their pieces and even sell some.

“The Senior Art Show was an incredible success, and all of our seniors enjoyed being able to display their talents to the St. Joe community,” said senior Iliana Ramos.

The Fine Arts Building comes to life towards the end of the school year as the Senior Art Show is one of the many events that happen during this time. Two weeks before the art show, the Fine Arts Department produced its annual spring musical.

As this year ends, rising seniors have a lot to look forward to in the art department and will be given a chance to also build their portfolio as the seniors this year have done.

“This art show gave a lot of us the opportunity to showcase our pieces and was a great end to this school year.”

Check out the photo gallery below to see pieces from the Senior Art Show.