St. Joe Drum Line


Band members prepare to march.


Saint Josephs BNN students decided to try out being a part of the Bruin band drum line. At first they assumed this would be an easy task — I mean how hard could it be? The first skill they learned was to spin the drum stick. Daniel Deer demonstrated how, but the BNN students were unsuccessful. They then decided to move on to a different skill, reading music, but yet again, the students could not read it as well as the drum line did. After another unsuccessful attempt to be a part of the drum line the students learned how to hold the drum stick, which also didn’t go well.

The BNN students decided to put their “learned skills” together and try to play a song with the whole band. After they finished playing, one of the drum line members told the students they were “absolute trash,” and the BNN members felt their time in drum line should come to an end. Overall, the students learned that being in the drum line was not as easy as they originally thought.

Being a part of the drum line is a major commitment and requires tons of skill and practice, even though our drummers make it look simple. The drums are an essential part of music, and our band wouldn’t be the same without them.