BNN September 2, 2022

BNN September 2, 2022

Emerson Erwin, Staff Writer


Happy Friday St. Joe. We have breaking news — the 2022 homecoming court elections were Tuesday, and we have the official results. Click here for the list.

We’ve completed our first month of school, and it seems everyone has eased back into the routine. Students are participating in athletics, fine arts, and of course, the usual homework.

The fall play cast was announced, and several teams had practices or games throughout the week. Some teams will also have try-outs later this week.

Besides regular sports, one major component at St. Joe is weekly mass. Every Thursday, students and faculty come together to celebrate the Eucharist. This is one of many ways we celebrate our Catholic identity on campus.

Speaking of regular events on campus, Bruinthon preparations are already under way. Committee interviews started this week both before and after school in room 506. Members of the committee will plan numerous events and fundraisers throughout the year, leading up to the main event in the spring. All money raised will go to benefit Blair E. Batson’s children’s hospital.

The annual College Fair is set for Wednesday, September 14, in the St. Joe gym. Colleges and universities from around Mississippi and the country will be here to answer students’ questions and share information about the school and its majors. Seniors and juniors will attend from 8:30-9:30 and sophmores will attend from 9:30-10.

Living out Loud, the small faith group for students began Thursday in room 506. Students in grades 7 and 8 met and began their series on prayer. The next grades to attend will be 9 and 10 next week, at 7:15 also in room 506. Be sure to come by for breakfast, fellowship, and Jesus.

Today starts the four day labor day weekend for students. Teachers will come in Tuesday for professional development. Some will travel, some will stay home, and others will use this opportunity to get ahead on schoolwork. Classes will resume at 7:55 A.M. on Wednesday September 7.


The 2022 homecoming theme is… Mama Mia! Be on the look out for the t-shirt flyer in the Bruin Buzz so you can purchase your 2022  homecoming t-shirt.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Bruin News Now. Have a great long weekend and we’ll see you next time.