St. Joseph Catholic Church Germanfest

Mabry Hirn, Staff Writer

Germanfest, one of Saint Joseph Catholic Church’s largest fundraisers, was held on Sunday. Germanfest brought people from all over the metro area together for a fun day of eating, drinking and playing games. However, this event does not just take one week to prepare. The church prepares for this event all year and it takes many people putting in hard work. Many parish members volunteer to work the tents, make desserts, and help set up.

People who wonder why it’s called German fest don’t know a lot about Saint Joes heritage. The festival is actually to commemorate the heritage of Saint Joe. The entire festival is German themed. There is German dancing, German food such as sauerkraut and pretzels, and an enormous amount of desserts, live music, German souvenirs to buy, and games for the kids.

People really enjoyed Germanfest and had a fun time celebrating with their friends and family. They were able to profit the church and charities while also having a good time.