Transfer Student Jemina Gallo Periera

We live in a big world with 7.8 billion people in it, speaking 7,100 different languages, and can be from 195 different countries. With all these different people come new ideas, beliefs, and cultures. Travel can open your world to new experiences and adventures, but you can’t truly experience a country’s culture by only spending a few days there. One way that you can truly experiences a country is moving there. This idea may seem like a crazy and scary experience to many students, but that is exactly what sophomore Jimena Gallo did when she left her home in Spain and came to America. I got the chance to sit down with Jimena and hear about her life in Spain, what her experience in America is like, and how and why she decided to make this change.

With our planets unique geographical environment ranging from vast oceans, hot deserts and rocky mountains, there is a world of things to encounter. By leaving your home and embarking on a new adventure you are able to exercise the diverse cultures, environment, activities and people this world has to offer. You can grow and learn from the people you encounter, and it can make our big world feel a little bit smaller.