Expectations were not met in ‘Aquaman’

The poster for Aquaman.

The poster for Aquaman.

Leah Clark, Assignments Editor

Aquaman, based off of DC comics, was painfully fake. 

Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie. It had elements that I had not seen in a superhero movie for a while. Aquaman had a real hero’s quest plot-line. So many superhero movies try their best to get away from that, but I actually enjoyed it. The movie gave us a clear backstory with a clear hero, villain, and goal. However, the movie at sometimes was a little too clear.

The back story, to start us off, was basic. Granted most are when it comes to superhero movies, but Aquaman took it to another level with theirs. Arthur, our main character and hero, was born to an Atlantean queen and a human lighthouse keeper. They were a cliche forbidden love, and when Arthur was very young, his mother was taken back to the sea. Of course to make the backstory even more basic, she told him, before leaving, that he would one day become “a great king”. This backstory has been used so many times that I was able to point it out before the movie even started. However, Aquaman’s characters are not just basic, they are not even realistic.

Arthur, who is Aquaman, is portrayed as this comedic yet serious, flawed yet perfect hero that has trained since he was young to be great, but at the same time still has potential. It is as if the writers could not decide what characteristics to give him, so they just gave him every personality trait. The villain was Orm, who just so happened to be Arthur’s half-brother. Orm was another character that I found to be unrealistic. Throughout the entire movie, he acted and made decisions without morals. Every person has a moral compass to some degree, wether they are on the right or wrong side. Orm being a stone-cold antagonist did not allow for himself to have any character development. Of course, the writers of this movie realized that too late and tried to make the audience feel bad for Orm at the very end. 

The most infuriatingly fake character was Mer, an Atlantean princess. I knew that I was not going to like her as soon as she came on the screen. This was due to her bright red hair. I am not completely sure if Mer having red hair like Ariel, the Disney princess from The Little Mermaid, was supposed to be a joke, but it was not funny. Also, just to go with this stereotypical trend of the plot, Mer was Arthur’s sidekick and obvious love interest. She was smart until it got in Arthur’s way, and she was a great fighter until it outshined Arthur. 

All-in-all, Aquaman was a terrible movie. If I had not been in a movie theater, I would have turned the movie off. The only reason I would even consider recommending the movie is because of my love of superhero movies. Then, again, Aquaman still let me down on so many levels.