The difficulties of change

Joe Pearson, Editor-in-chief

Change is such an intricate part of the human condition. One would think that by now people would be adapted to cope with an ever-changing environment. 

Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case. We find ourselves stumbling through the unfamiliar like a toddler learning to walk. Sometimes, change is difficult.

There are times when there seems to be no amelioration as a result of change. There are times when it seems nobody benefits from a situation.

At that time, people may despise change. “Why can’t it just be the old way? I miss my old friends.” 

Our relationships with people are likely the most painful to see go. We have a funny way of boding closely with people, and it can be excruciating the watch them leave.

And certainly, we will never forget the events and especially the people that have changed our lives so much in the past. They have helped us grow as individuals, and we will forever be indebted to them for their contribution. After all, even though they were in our lives in the past, they have undoubtedly shaped our future. For it may very well be that the past is our most valuable asset. Millions of dollars can’t buy life’s lessons, and all the riches in the world pale in comparison to our experiences. 

As impactful as the past may be, we’re still faced with a stark reality that it is gone. So, what do we do now? We have no choice but to pick up and continue forward, or be swept away by the whirlwind of change. 

In times of turmoil, people become more of what they already are. Trouble has a way of magnifying characteristics. Leaders seem to separate themselves from the pack, and the masses fall back into their crowd of mediocrity. 

So then, maybe after all change is a prerequisite for an improved future. For a temporary moment, the reality of change may hurt. After all, people like to get comfortable in a familiar environment. I would argue though, that we perform at a significantly higher clip when we are pushed out of our comfort zone. 

To all those in our past; our closest friends, coaches and teachers; we can’t express our gratitude enough. And right now, you’re missed an incredible deal. Your indelible mark will always be with us, visible for all who cross our paths. The legacy you left in us will be commemorated in our conduct, which you have surely had an immeasurable effect on. We will carry the lessons you taught us along the way. 

In the present, we look to the future, always optimistic. There’s always a brighter future for those willing to make it for themselves.