St. Joe sophomores enjoy annual retreat


Clay Blanchard

Senior retreat team leader Catherine Cook, left, and tenth grader Connor Dare at the sophomore retreat.

This past Wednesday, St. Joseph’s tenth grade class went on their annual retreat.

Students began this event by praying the stations of the cross in the chapel. From there, they took buses to St. Richard Catholic Church in Jackson, where the retreat was held. This is the first time that a St. Joseph retreat has been held in this location as the retreats are usually at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Madison.

“We wanted to try having a retreat in a different location,” said Ms. Kathryn Sckiets, the campus minister of St. Joseph.

At St. Richard, students were met by retreat team leaders, who lead the retreats year-round. The seniors of the retreat team led this retreat as this is their last one before they graduate St. Joseph. These seniors joined the team during their sophomore year, so they were able to connect with the students.

From there, students where split into groups and learned about their faith, while getting know classmates that they normally would not talk to. Harper Evers, a tenth grader said, “Some people I never see because I don’t have classes with, so it was nice to be able to hang out with them.”

Students went to stations, led by retreat team leaders, with their groups where they learned about being a team. Stations included a variety of activities such as games, group discussions, and even an escape room. Also, the tenth graders had a talk from Fr. Nick Adam.

“I always look forward to retreats, and I can’t wait until my junior retreat!” Evers continued.